xxxHOLiC fangirling, house cleaning, mermaid sightings, bad singing, chalk drawing, AMV watching…

…Aaand this is what results when I miss a day of blogging.

See, one of the things blogging was supposed to help me with was keeping track of time, which I have the most difficult time with during summer. And so, yeah, I’m already behind a day, apparently.

One day I spent cleaning my sister’s/niece’s upstairs bedroom and bathroom, and that was pretty much it so I didn’t bother to blog about it. You’re welcome.

The day after I had a friggin heart attack because ASDFGHJJKL;BNM,DFGHJK xxxHOLiC IS BEING CONTINUED AND I GOT TO READ THE AVAILABLE CHAPTERS. In case you didn’t catch it the first time, xxxHOLiC is my absolute favorite manga, like, ever. For those interested, xxxHOLiC Rei, the new series, can be found here:

Of course, after I read it, I had to busy myself to keep myself from going crazy waiting for the next chapter. So I went outside, and after coloring with chalk–well, you know that unicorn ice cream drive-through prank?

Me: Mom, do you believe in mermaids?
Mom: Only the ones on Animal Plan–
Me: *runs yelling into pool and dives* BEEEELIIEEVVE!!

*couple seconds later*

Mom: Is it cold?
Me: . . .Freezing.

Speaking of mermaids, did anyone watch that mermaid special on Animal Planet? If not, but you’re interested, go here:

Oh, yeah! Back to xxxHOLiC, I finally watched the first episode (and watching the second now) of the live action drama. It’s…okay, I guess, but so far it’s NOTHING like the original: In other words, it’s not funny. When the characters said lines, I was actually quoting the funny lines from the manga that I knew would come next, but sadly, they never did. It’s not a bad adaption, I guess; I just like the manga and anime better.

I’ve also been watching some Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC AMVs. One of them I accidentally stumbled on was a xxxHOLiC version of The Little Mermaid’s “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (because if no one was reminded of TLM in xxxHOLiC’s first chapter, they’re insane). For some reason it made me laugh…? Heh~

Another one was “Tribute to Yuuko!!” which I have watched over and over again… I’m now trying to learn the song (it’s called “Aikoi,” by Fiction Junction YUUKA, if I’m not mistaken). So far I’ve only gotten the first three verses memorized, but I’ve probably butchered it with my bad singing (ahaha…).

Again, here are links for those interested:
Yuuko tribute:
“Aikoi” lyrics:

Well… I think Imma go watch xxxHOLiC or something. Or maybe finish my manga drawing(s) I’ve been putting off for weeks…~

Keep on Hitsuzen shipping, people. Those two are adorable together. ❤

P.S. Hey, Rylee, how are those liquor foods tasting? ;3


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  1. icedmocha34
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 21:41:59

    huh? Rylee what???? oh, i just answered my own question. *stupid*


  2. Bruce Thal
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 22:31:44

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