Art classes, Comicon, blog redesigning, and a job offer?!

Meef~ Uh… I have no idea how to start off this blog. I think I’m flat-out of clever, witty opening lines.

Well, starting with the first thing listed, I’m taking a summer school class, Drawing I, starting on June tenth. It lasts until June twenty-first, and it’s from nine o’ clock until three-thirty. All art, all day, right? I’m really excited for this class, though, and my Bible teacher’s daughter is also taking it, so–yeah. Pretty cool~

The day it ends is when Texas Comicon starts. True to its name, it’s more of a comic convention rather than an anime one, but it usually has some cool stuff (some of it anime) so a couple friends and I will most likely go. And, if I get it sewed and hemmed and whatnot in time, I can even wear my Yuuko-san cosplay that I had originally ordered for Halloween. I’m pretty excited for this one, mostly because of the details I added to it, and yes, the excuse to wear black fishnets. (I dunno, for some reason I love fishnets and those lacy black tights you wear under your Halloween costumes…? Don’t judge me.) I just need to get the costume fixed up, and I’m good to go~

Oh, yeah. I’m also considering not having a basic design setup for my blog, so I’ll probably be changing it every week or so. Maybe, like–a theme of the week or something? I just need a way to exert some creativity and keep my blog from getting boring. Your ideas and opinions are welcomed.

And finally, my job offer for Heroes and Fantasies! Heroes and Fantasies is a comic book store where I live, and I spoke to a girl that works for them. I’m still a bit sketchy on the details, but she said that she draws something and someone else puts it on canvas, and the two of them split the money, which supposedly is a lot. She said she needs someone to pass her position on to, and asked if I would be interested. On one hand, this would be really, really cool, but on the other, I’m really, really nervous I’m not good enough for it. I told her I’d think about it and ask my friend TJ if she would be interested too.

And that concludes my otaku ramblings of the day, I guess.

Oh wait, no! If you’re a fan of xxxHOLiC and/or Tsubasa, go read these. They made me laugh really hard~

Okay, goodbye for realsies naow~~


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  1. icedmocha34
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 21:36:57

    ohmygosh!! that is soooo cool!!! *goes to tell people that I know someone famous*


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