We’ve gone and done it again.



I realize I haven’t blogged in a few days, once again destroying the purpose of said blog.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I live in a neighborhood that allows you to have only two dogs. Um…we passed that limit two or three years ago. And we just got our sixth dog. Which would mean that within the past three months or so, we’ve gotten four dogs.

So if I’m inactive on here for a while, it means that our whiny, annoying neighbors have reported us and we’ve been kicked out of the neighborhood and I am too busy packing to be bothered to make an interesting blog entry.

I mean, it would be totally worth it though. The dog we got is an Australian Shepherd puppy, and she’s the cutest thing ever. She’s kinda colored like a s’more (brown, white, dark brown) and she has green eyes and a stubby little tail. And underneath her fur is just a bunch of pink (nose, mouth, stomach, eye area). And she doesn’t bark, she only cries when she’s left alone, has to pee, or is in a biting mood. In other words, she’s just about the perfect dog. She even likes to swim and play catch, so we’ve been doing that the past two days. I’ll upload a picture of her on here~

Onto a different subject, I went to the folklife festival yesterday, which is a festival with stands and activities from different cultures around the world. My wannabe otaku cousin and I kept trying to eat at the Japanese food stand, but that idea got shot down. He kept making fun of me for spending five dollars on a lucky bobble head turtle. I could have made fun of him for wanting to buy ninety-five dollar leather slippers and one of those pointy Japanese hats, but I didn’t since I’m so nice. (Pffft.)

Okay, well… I had originally started this post about a week ago, so this is kinda old. I’ve already completed a week of my art class (more on this when I have time) so uh…yeah. Immuna go naow~


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