Can I go back to bed now…?

This. Is. Exhausting.

Give me a second to go back to last Monday, when my drawing class began. It started off really discouraging (since it seems as if virtually everyone is better than me and the projects were taking me forever to finish) and also annoyed the heck out of me because I have to wake up at eight A.M. Yes. That happens to be extremely early for me, thank you.

Oh, and did anyone happen to see Pat Benatar in concert? OramItheonlyloserwholistenstooldmusic… I think my dad is wanting to go to the Todd Runner and Cheap Trick concerts too, but…we’ll see, I guess.

Comicon is on Saturday, and a couple friends and I were going to be total losers and cosplay to it. I know I’ve mentioned this, like, a billion times, but I’m still really excited…

Oh, and I just read BloodC today. Watanuki is such a cute puppy in that series~!! And when he was batting at a butterfly, I just about died from a xxxHOLiC fandom attack. I’m still confused a bit as to the Watanuki crossover… Someone care to explain?

Anyway, got to go work on my still life now, since it’s, you know, due on Friday and I’m slower than Christmas when it comes to drawing. Will blog about stuff when something interesting happens.


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