I have Gumbi feet…? and other stuff, I guess.

First things first, my obsession over Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has been rediscovered. So bear with me here.

Sorry for any previous weirdness, or any weirdness that is to follow. Things have been pretty weird lately.

Actually, they always are.

Oh yeah, and if anyone’s wondering about Gumbi, I had to go get myself checked out because apparently the reason my knees always hurt is because I don’t walk correctly. Apparently my feet are too flexible, I walk with a hop, and I start with the ball of my foot instead of my heel. So…yay, me. (The dog trainer told us that my puppy’s neck is almost too flexible and bends pretty far back. What can I say, my baby takes after me.)

Speaking of Gumbi, someone cosplayed as him at the con. Oh yeah, forgot about that! So I ended up cosplaying as Yuuko-san, and my niece, who ended up coming with us and wanting a costume too, went as Scarlet O’ Hara from Gone with the Wind. We met up with Amber-senpai (she went as some kind of Luka Megurine gone Rosario Vampire…?) and watched the After Midnight production of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. And my mom signed us both up for the cosplay contest… *sigh* Kind of embarrassing. Fun, but embarrassing.


Embarrassing in that I undoubtedly looked like a fool and that they didn’t call me by name. Meaning, both character and given name. Now, I don’t even know what the heck they called my character, but they called me *sigh* Maggie.

…Shut up and stop laughing, Emily. It’s not that funny.

Moving on now, we ended up going to the Todd Rundgren concert, which was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen–never mind). There was a bunch of 50-year-olds acting like 20-year-olds that were as drunk as Watanuki on nectar. And there was a little old lady dressed as a tourist dancing on a bench with her fingers in the air. (There was a few others dancing on the same bench too, but only one fell off. Until that day I did not know you could use beer to dance with, or that it could fit in your back pocket.) We ended up leaving early and happened to run into an usher from our church, which was really awkward under the circumstances…

We did go to Buccee’s though, which was also a weird experience for me. (The beaver statue in the front didn’t help.) Let’s just say now I know why Americans are obese. Oh, and the bathrooms are, as I said in a semi-British accent while running around in it, “Oh my God, ginormous!” So if you’re out in the San Marcos/Gruene area, be sure to stop by and use them.


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