I’m baaaaack…~

Guh. Well, my computer got infected with a virus, and I got infected with laziness, and laziness + business can never be a good thing… Hence the hiatus.

(Wait, I think I’ve always been lazy. Oh, well.)


Anyway. Since I’ve had a TON OF THINGS GOING ON and AM INCREDIBLY LAZY, I will just give a quick recap of events for the sake of us both.


~ Powerhouse VBS with five-year-olds! So much fun. Except the part about–never mind…

~Sprained my thumb in volleyball on my drawing/writing hand. I knew there was a reason I hated that sport.

~Another puppy has made its residence in our house. His name is Izo, and he’s a cream colored–yup–shiba. Because we are such shiba hoarders.

~Finally finished my summer reading, yay~!! Now I’m free, freeeeeeee~!!

…To read more books, that is.

~Just got back from Barnes and Noble. Oh, gaw. I’ve been gone for so long (summer reading, remember?) that a million of my favorite manga/book series have come out with new volumes, spinoffs, and whatnot. I’m determined to cram all of this reading into my remaining summer break.

~Because summer break ends soon and I have to go back on August nineteenth…

~Have been watching lots of comic adaption movies lately (Electra, Red, Daredevil, X-Men, Avengers, Wolverine, Iron Man, R.I.P.D., etc.), mainly because they’ve been coming out lately and we just got a set of Marvel movies at Best Buy.

~What can I say, it was on sale.

~And Victoria from Red totally reminds me of my sixth grade science teacher, Mrs. Hand.

~San! Japan! Is! Coming! Up!! I need to get my cosplays together and decide which one to do!

~I can’t believe you guys actually follow me for this stuff. I mean, twenty-eight followers so far? Guys, seriously. You shouldn’t have. x3

~Oh, and Violet Wave? I absolutely promise to do that sweetness thingy you showed me! I’ve just been really busy!

Immuna go to bed now… (Translate that as read Toradora!.)


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