School and Craziness (Synonyms?)

Well. I certainly have a lot to catch up on.


Let’s start with San Japan, shall we?


So, our plan for SJ was to go on Saturday to meet up with a couple friends. Then my uncle Ben, who moved from California (Excalibur song, anyone?) wanted to take my cousin Angelo also, since it was his birthday. Then my aunt Rachel decided to take her kids too, because they kinda like anime. So of course, me trying to be the mom-type I undoubtedly am, (okay, maybe a bit of a scary mom…) said it may not be a good idea for them to go, since they’re still young and there are a couple things at SJ young children should not be exposed to. Safe to say some craziness involving planning and parent-rearing ensued, and so we came to a conclusion: How about Uncle Ben, his kids, his wife, Aunt Rachel, her kids, and her husband, and our grandma all go?


And my first thought was, Ohhhh, dear. We’re going as a mob to San Japan.


Which, no, that wasn’t a bad thing. It was actually really fun, although it seemed a bit crazy at first. I went as a Japanese otaku schoolgirl and took about a hundred pictures of people. There were so many awesome Soul Eater cosplays this year! So if you went as an SE character and you’re reading this, have a virtual high five.


My schedule, being as crazy as it is, had school start after the final day of San Japan. I was actually really dreading it, but I love it so far. I’m taking Latin, English PAP, Algebra 1, Bible, Art, Biology, and US History. All of my teachers are super-mega-foxy-awesome, but Mr. Foley, the English teacher, is by far the best. He knows anime and DR. Horrible, and is even going to let us watch some of it to demonstrate a lesson. So, yeah. Pretty cool.


(For those of you that are curious, the song he’s showing us is this one: )


Well, enough babbling for now…


Oh, no, wait. If any of you are Nightcore or CLAMP/Tsubasa fans, give this a listen. All I can say is, I didn’t know that “Aikoi” could be sung any more quickly than it already is. Sheesh.


Must be off to do homework now. (Yes, it’s Friday evening. I have a hot date with some English assignments, so yes, unfortunately, I must be going.)


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  1. icedmocha34
    Aug 24, 2013 @ 20:20:31

    wish I could have been there…for school and San Japan.


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