Panic attack??? (Please help)

So, today was a perfectly normal day. I ate a good breakfast, got to school on time, did my homework, hung out with my friends, and all that exciting high school stuff. But today in last period, something went kinda weird.

In Bible class we were working on an assignment in which we had to put Acts 13 and 14 in the perspective of Barnabus or Paul and make it like a tweet or something. Obviously I am not a twitter person and have no idea how the dumb thing works. So as I sat there trying to come up with something funny and something that would look like a twitter post Mr. C put on some Christian music for us to listen to.

Okay, so, music. I don’t prefer to listen to it as I work because it’s distracting at times, but usually I can tolerate it. In fact, we had listened to music in Pandora in class last period and I was fine. But for some reason I couldn’t take it this time. The song we were listening to was really thick and heavy with low piano notes every four beats, and I don’t know why, but it made me feel really stressed out, like, impending doom or something. Then Mr. C gradually started turning it up louder, and then all the kids were talking (think shrill girl voices) and laughing (think loud, deep dude laughs), which made everything extremely worse. I had to cover my ears to block everything out, and my throat got dry and I couldn’t breathe, then started getting all trembling and sweaty. I finally just asked if I could be excused (“to the bathroom”) so I could go outside and get away from the noise and get some fresh air. So he let me go and I stayed out there for practically ten minutes. My heart was beating crazy fast.

I spent the rest of the class period covering my ears. Whenever I took my hands off, I felt bombarded. So finally class was over (I didn’t get any work done) and I went to the nurse, but she just told me it was anxiety and to sit and have some water. Okay–that was NOT anxiety. I have no idea what that was.

I tried going outside to wait for my mom to pick me up, but even outside was loud so I went to my eighth grade Bible teacher’s classroom. Thankfully only her daughter (who is in my Bible class) and her friend were in there so it was pretty quiet. I eventually told her what had happened when she asked how I was doing and she said that it happened to her before too. Her theory was that you feel that way if you “have too much noise in your soul” and prayed for me with her daughter. After that I stayed for a while then got picked up by my mom.

Obviously stress is the last thing I needed. Obviously my family decided to stress me out by pretending that they got another dog and that my backpack was stolen as a practical joke. NOT. Funny. So of course I got mad and snapped at them because I was already on edge and really out of it, and they got mad at me back and I started crying because I felt bad, and my mom drags me out of the car to talk to me about what the heck was going on. So I finally told her, though it was a very stressful process because she was asking a lot of questions and for some reason that set me off. After I explained everything and apologized she was all nice to me, asking me if I wanted to take a nap and if I was hungry and if I would like some gum.

Long story short, I have NO idea what was going on with me. It’s happened before, but it’s never been so bad or lasted so long. I don’t think it’s anxiety because it only happens when there’s a bunch of noise or something, and I’m usually not feeling stressed before it happens. It’s like a sensory overload (I can’t stand to hear, feel, or see anything when it happens) and it makes me feel all panicky and trapped. I HATE it, but I don’t know what to do about it because I don’t know what it IS. Any ideas on what it may be or what to do? This really scared the freak out of me because it was more scary and embarrassing than anything since I spent the whole class shaking and with my head in my hands, so now everyone’s going to think I’m even weirder than they initially thought I was.


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  1. sydlexwieton
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 04:21:30

    Wow, sounds terrifying! I’m not psychologist or anything, I couldn’t tell you what’s wrong but I will say I’ll pray you find an answer or something to help with it!


  2. computergirl416
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 17:12:32

    It could be that you were just really stressed. I think you just work better without any noise, music, talking, or anything else like that.
    Just yesterday I was trying to work on a math lesson, but my sister, her friend, and my brother were talking and being really loud. It was hard to concentrate and I started to get a headache. Finally, I had to tell them all to be quiet. They did and I started to feel better.
    Maybe you should ask your teacher to not play music in the classroom and ask your classmates not to talk in class, or at least talk in lower voices.


  3. icedmocha34
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 22:18:34

    Aww, man, I wish I could have been the first person to comment!!!!! I saw your post, but then my computer crashed!!!!!!!!! Grr!
    Awwwwwwww, my poor Maddie-cakes!!!!!! I miss you sooo much! I wish I could have been there…though that probably would have made you feel worse, knowing me! XD
    Sorry–anyway, I’ll be praying, and I’ll ask my Impact group to pray, too. That’s actually kind of scary, because my pastor just gave a sermon on that this morning. Well, it was about worrying/panicking. So, if it’s short-term, he said to take a deep breath, and let it out slowly in ten seconds. If it’s long-term, pray! Really, that’s the only thing that will help you. Wish I had some medical advice or something, but that’s the best way to help you out!!!!
    Hope you get better soon, my dear!!! Call my if you need (or want!) to talk about anything! I miss you!!!



    • chromaggia13
      Nov 26, 2013 @ 21:36:05

      Bawww~ I never know when to laugh or cry with you. So interpret that either way.
      I actually went in for bloodwork on Friday to see if I’ve got something going on, but eh. It’s probably just all the dealines I’m having to work with right now causing me to be more on edge than usual. On the bright side, Ikkicon is next month! Whoooo~
      But anyway. I MISSS YOUUUU. CALL MEH. OR SOMETHING. OR I’LL CALL YOU. YEAH. That sounded kind like a threat. ^^;
      Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t talk to you before then!


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