Milking out the break

I ended up spending the night with my godparents and cousins, which was a really good break from what was going on. However, the cousin I mentioned has been acting a bit…odd with me and Beatriz, my godparents’ daughter. He mostly spent time with the guys, though, so it was a little easier to deal with him.

We did a bunch of crazy stuff, most of which was my idea. We went to this beautiful hiking area where there was a river and a bunch of houses, and we had a mini picnic with Subway sandwiches. As you know, I have acquired a love of Frozen–having seen it three times and possibly going again–so when I saw a kid’s meal Frozen bag at Subway that no one had claimed, I decided just to take it. Beatriz kept saying that I didn’t know where it had been and someone probably peed in it, but when I found a little Frozen toy inside, she and my other cousin Eliana were both wanting to see it. Of course, the first thing I said was, “Nope, someone probably peed on it.” Couldn’t resist that chance.

Then we went to another river, and as we were playing a game of “don’t fall of the curb” and scaling a fence, I pretended we were spies from a magical realm who were being chased by monsters called “adults” and got everyone in on it. The best part was when a guy approached with his son and I said, “Look, ’tis the Great Spirit come to save us!” and we were like, “Great Spirit, do not abandon us in this land!” And also spent a thirty minute car ride telling them the story of the Purple Passion, which is pretty much just one of those stories made to waste time. (It’s about a boy whose life is ruined by something called the Purple Passion, and right when he runs to someone who is going to tell him what the Purple Passion is, he gets hit by a bus.) We also continued this game at a furniture store where I found a white unicorn puppet whom we called the “Great White Spirit.” I guess my Aunt Marion thought we were legitly playing with it because she got all three of us the unicorn puppets. Mine is currently sitting beside me. It’s pretty awesome. Be jealous.

I also did the Elf escalator thing at the bookstore (which surprisingly did not get us kicked out) and won ten dollars for second place in poker (obviously I’m better at Spoons, because I’ve only lost once or twice). So all in all it was just a lot of fun, and it took my mind off a lot of things.

I’ve started a–well, I don’t know what exactly it is. It’s not really a diary, I just write in it about whatever. I’ve also found this book called Why You Act the Way You Do by a Christian author that pretty much addresses everything I need help with–maybe this is my whacked up idea of self-therapy. Here’s to a good year, I guess…


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