Um. I’m not dead.

I’ve just been busy with school and family and homework and drawing and cleaning and taking care of my dogs and procrastinating and fangirling and catching up on my anime series and practicing my voices because I swear if I just alter Crona’s voice a little I can do Sealand but not the adult version the little cute one.

. . .

Point is that I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t gotten to it.
Quick rehash of the past few months?

My friends and I thought that if we sang enough Frozen songs, it would snow and the principal would declare a snow day. I guess God and Elsa decided to humor us because it snowed that night. To celebrate, Sarah, Lucas-sempai, his sister and I went to the Frozen sing-along…along with my niece and five cousins who showed up without warning. But anyway, I had the idea of standing up when Elsa lets her hair out in “Let It Go”, but as soon as the song started Sempai bolts up and looks at us like, you guys coming? So we ended up standing for the whole song and got the whole theater to do so too. If you want to see the comic he drew of it, you can find it here: (Go watch him on dA! Support him! Support my Lu-kun naow~!! He’s really good!) If you’re wondering, I’m that hot one with the tan and curly hair. Gosh, my anime counterpart looks better than real life me…

So. Valentine’s Day and stuff. Did anything even happen here? It was mainly just trying not to be destroyed by third quarter, working on projects, starting counseling, my sister moving to Houston, and re-reading xxxHOLiC book four like I do every Valentine’s Day. Be nice on Valentine’s Day, girls–White’s Day is coming.

Mizuumi con and Wicked are this month… I’m now on break and trying to order my Kyoko Sakura wig. I had considered going as Crona Makenshi because Amber is going to be Medusa (I love this chick) and Sempai and I are trying to make him a Stein cosplay… Depending on how things work out. Maybe another time.
Also, may or may not be going to see Wicked….?

Okay, now, a new thing: I’ve been considering making a YouTube account for AMVs and fandubs if I get the OK. What do you guys think? Yes? No?

I need a life…

Blog is under construction. I want to fix the theme, but frankly, I just don’t have time right now. So enjoy Crona, Ragnarok, Soul, and Justin pretending they can’t hear Maka over the sound of how awesome they are.


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